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Sierra Club

Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters

Save Open Space

The Calabasas Coalition

Calabasas Park Homeowners Association (CPHA)

Community Association of Saratoga Hills (CASH)


Calabasas City Council

James Bozajian, Mayor Pro Tem

Michael Harrison, Planning Commissioner, Former Mayor


Calabasas Commissioners

Michael Brockman,  Communications & Technology Commissioner

Sharon Boucher, Public Safety Commissioner

Clark Canfield, Former Traffic & Transportation Commissioner

Laurel Ford, Parks Recreation and Education Commissioner

Negin GhaffariParks, Recreation and Education Commissioner

Matthew Huzaineh, Traffic and Transportation Commissioner

Judy JordanHistoric Preservation Commissioner

Robert Lia, Former Planning Commissioner

David Litt, Former Planning Commissioner

John Mueller, Planning Commissioner

Melissa Olen, Former Traffic & Transportation Commissioner

Steven Roseman, Former Chair, Historic Preservation Commission, Former Planning Commissioner

Bob Robbins, Former Environmental Commissioner

Mark Shear, Chair, Library Commission

Jacqueline Souza, Public Safety Commissioner, Former Chair, Calabasas Chamber of Commerce

Karen Tiffany, Former President, Stonecreek HOA, Former Tree Board Member

Lynne Tracy, Historic Preservation Commissioner, Former Environmental Commissioner

Candice Weber, President, Community Association of Saratoga Hills, Chair, Communications & Technology Commission

Stephanie Williams, Parks, Recreation and Education Commission, Former President, Calabasas High School PFC


LVUSD School Board

Angela Cutbill, LVUSD School Board Member

Dallas Lawrence, LVUSD School Board Member

Linda Menges, LVUSD School Board Member

Lesli Stein, LVUSD School Board Member

Mathy Wasserman, LVUSD School Board Member


Calabasas Community Leaders

Edward Albrecht, President, Greater Mulwood HOA

Frances Alet, Treasurer, No on Measure N

Harold Arkoff, Co-Founder, Calabasas Park HOA

Karmen Brower, Secretary, Greater Mulwood HOA

Joe Chilco, Executive Committee, No on Measure N

Norma Citron, Calabasas Community Emergency Response Team

Paul Edelman, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy

Ryan Embry, Former President, Malibu Creek HOA

Dianne Gubin, Secretary, Calabasas Highlands HOA

Kim Hamilton, President, Agoura High School PFC

Jennifer Hoffman, Treasurer, No on Measure F

Priscilla Lee, The Calabasas Coalition

Barry Schoenbrun, President, The Colony HOA

Jacy Shillan, Former President, Stonecreek HOA

John Suwara, Founder, The Calabasas Coalition

Joanne Suwara, Founder, The Calabasas Coalition


Calabasas Residents

Caroline Abdulhamid

Muhannad Abdulhamid

Leslie Albuquerque

Brandon Alvarado

Dave Blomsterberg

Tammy Blomsterberg

Carolyn Brockman

Melina Byrne

Deborah Chilco

Miranda Chilco

Mark Citron

Brenda Cohen

Jodi Lynne Cooper

Randi Drasin

Carl Ehrlich

Jillian Esby

Richard Fronduto

Mario Gervase

Steve Greenberg

Marcie Goldwater

David Goldwater

Chamil Hettiarachchi

Wesley Idol

Lisa Jackson

Elizabeth Lampell

Denise Miller

Hayden Miller

Kathleen Mittel

John Norris

Traci Norris

K. Kevin Rezaie

Jill Shear

Carlos V. Sol

Isabel Sol

Jim Spadoni

Kelly Spadoni

Craig Steinhauer

Tracy Steinhauer

Rachel Leigh Werner


Titles and affiliations are included for identification purposes only